Legal advice services are available in the law office, on the phone or via the e-mail of Attorney at Law Stela Hristoskova

Attorney fees are in accordance with the Ordinance for Minimum Attorney’s fees.

The fees for advice, consultation, paperwork and contracts are as follows:

  1. For oral consultation at the office and reference of claim and execution case – BGN 50;
  2. For written consultation – BGN 100;
  3. For examination of a case giving its opinion – BGN 60;
  4. For drawing up: written contract, title deeds, sale, exchange, donation, mortgage and out-of-court settlement – the remunerations are in accordance with the material interest;
  5. For procedural representation, protection and assistance in cases with no material interest – BGN 400;
  6. For legal representation, protection and assistance in fixed-interest cases, remuneration is in accordance with the Minimum Bar Laws Ordinance.
черно бяла снимка на статуята на Темида, която държи меч и везна

In defence of cases which, due to their legal complexity or procedural behaviour of one of the parties, are attended by more than two court hearings for each subsequent meeting an extra 100 BGN is paid.


The law firm does not work on the resulting fee. All forms of attorney’s fees are paid in advance, upon signing a contract and a power of attorney for legal assistance and assistance.


The office accepts a deferred payment only in the case of procedural representation in cases, the last instalment is paid at the latest at the first hearing of the case.

You can pay attorneys’ fees in cash at the office
or at the following bank account:

IBAN: BG 55 UNCR 70001523290087

Stela Tsvetkova Hristoskova